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AMA News: 2006 VRSCR Street Rod

AMA News: "2006 VRSCR Street Rod
A hot Harley for the next generation

Photos by Brian J. Nelson

by Bill Andrews

In 2001, Harley-Davidson shocked the air-cooled-loving world with the introduction of the V-Rod—the Motor Company's first liquid-cooled motorcycle. As momentous as that was, for Harley it was simply the first step to get the riding public ready for the 2006 VRSCR Street Rod, a very un-Harley-like Harley. At first glance it may be difficult to see the numerous changes that have been implemented to create the Street Rod from the starting point of the V-Rod. But look a little closer. These subtle differences have come together to create a completely new riding experience."

American Motorcyclist Online: "H-D’s Street Glide redefines highway style

Photo by Bill Andrews “Boy, did I score.”

That’s what I keep thinking as the four of us on the Ride Guide crew (see page 28) point our bikes up the interstate on-ramp, with more than 500 freeway miles ahead of us.

See, I had thought this through. And when we divvied up the loaner bikes for our first travel day on the road from Pennsylvania to the North Carolina mountains, I made sure I claimed Harley-Davidson’s Street Glide first. Hah!

It is, I knew, perfect for this. The Streeter’s bat-wing fairing, top-shelf audio system, comfortable seat and overall ergos make this a machine for the long haul.

But that should come as no surprise. Harley-Davidson’s new FLHX/I Street Glide is a slammed, stripped Electra Glide (FLHT), designed to entice the less-is-more crowd while still retaining serious mile-munching capabilities.

The true beauty of this bike is how the Street Glide diverges from the core concept of the FLH touring line in both styling and handling."

Coming from: American Motorcyclist Association

What exactly goes into building a show-winning, custom motorcycle, anyway?

We wanted to find out, so we went to Bruce Mullins and his team at The Skunkworx Custom Cycle in Columbus, Ohio, to follow a custom bike being built from the ground up.

(From 2003, but still worth reading)

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50´s style HD Pin-Ups

Coming from: Biker Diaries (thanks!)

One of the little gems which deserve to be found ... :-)

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Coming from: Bobbershop

"Bobbershop specializes in building custom, one-off bikes. We also sell bike kits and rolling chassis as well as all the parts needed to build a bitchin bobber for the do-it-yourselfer."

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The Bike Artist - Mike Boyce

Article: "The Bike Artist

Monday, January 30, 2006

Mike Boyce is an artist, but you won't see his work hanging in a gallery. You might see it on the streets, or in places like Myrtle Beach and Daytona when a bike show comes to town. You will definitely see his work, from time to time, in magazines such as Easy Rider.

Boyce's work can largely be seen on motorcycles, and occasionally a vintage car or truck. He's northeast North Carolina's answer to Jesse James, the custom motorcycle designer made famous on Discovery Channel."

Binford Custom Cycles - Tribute motorcycle

Article: "Binford Custom Cycles - Indian Larry tribute motorcycle Binford’s creation turns heads Paul Binford knows custom motorcycles. Since the age of 16 he has been using the two wheeled machines as a main mode of transportation — picking up the passion from his father and learning at an early age how to work a wrench to turn an ordinary bike in something special. With an established shop now under his belt as well, Binford has moved on to the next step — custom show bikes that are racking up coveted awards." See more details of the bike made for the World & European Championship and on

Cyril Huze - Favorites

Coming from: Cyril Huze

" 12. A good Designer is not the one who takes you from “what you have” to “what you want”, but the one who takes you from “what you want” to “what you didn’t even know you wanted”.
11. When you customize, don’t follow the crowd. Just follow your dreams.
A Custom Shop should be a dream factory.
10. Great mechanical skills can only take a motorcycle so far. Passion is the engine of creativity.
9. Designing & building a motorcycle is like composing & orchestrating a song. Everybody can use the same notes. But who is going to make a Hit?
8. A good bike appeals to your reason. A great bike appeals to your emotions. There are so many emotions you can assemble on a motorcycle.
7. Have nothing on your bike that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
6. If you invest in beauty, it will be with you for the rest of your life.
5. Just because an accessory fits doesn’t mean it looks right.
4. Good ideas result from uninhibited experimentation.
3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
2. Good design is guts, brains and soul.
1. Customizing. There are no rules!

Street Art Bobber Graffiti

Graffiti is the first form of Hip Hop. It pre-dates Rap and all the other forms!!! Graffiti is still the only art form where the life span of a work can be as brief as hours... Like it's often the case with other non-conventional art forms, some people have a negative point of view on graffiti based on limited or erroneous information. Same about custom motorcycles. Both activities are innovative and truly original art forms because they allow people to express ideas and share in each other's feelings via the artwork. They are created by artists doing their art for the sake of doing their art. And nobody can seriously challenge the historical relevance of any form of art, tagging walls or customizing bikes. This Graffiti Bobber was built to be reminiscent of the late 60s when aerosol culture was exploding in New-York City and when at the same time bikers began to turn their bikes into their own pieces of art. Graffiti is Cyril showing his respect to street art, on walls and on wheels. Read more on

Harley Nostalgia SEXEE

Take a genuine Harley Shovelhead. Strip it, cut it, grind it, and redesign it the way the factory should have done it in the first place. Throw away the ugly and unnecessary parts, then design, reshape, and weld a new body. Of course, keep the beautiful engine. But rebuild it, juice it up and give it the polishing and black lacquer beauty treatment it deserves. Now she is looking as sharp as she runs. Here an HD to which Cyril added awesome one-off custom parts, a lot of black anodizing, a touch of bloody red, and a paint job mixing 70's pinstriping with a dose of biker humor. With just a facelift and some heavy body liposuction an old star just got back its irresistible sex appeal.

“If the phenomenon of customization grows so rapidly, it’s because we live in a world with more and more rules for everything we do. It’s also because factory motorcycles look increasingly alike. So, riding being my passion, it’s logically the place in my life that allows me to throw away the rules and be free. Building a bike from the ground up, or customizing one coming off the assembly line is all about freedom. Freedom to dream, to express a personality, to experiment new solutions and to ride exactly what we want. I see the trend toward not only more motorcycles being customized, but toward better customization, and deeper personalization: bikes giving us more pleasure with more muscle, more style, more mileage, more comfort, etc. Whatever we expect and please us when we ride our motorcycles."

Read article about Cyril Huze "Kiss My Wheels" Bobber.

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Viper Motorcycles for 2006

Coming from:

Viper Powersports has entered into a binding agreement to purchase a 32,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility on 4 acres located in Monticello, Mn. The facility meets Viper’s current manufacturing needs and is zoned for expansion as Viper continues to expand and grow.

Viper Motorcycle Company will introduce its second model, the Diablo Power Cruiser (PC) at the V-Twin Expo by Easyriders in Cincinnati on February 4th – 6th. Viper will also introduce its own line of proprietary engines ranging from 115 to 152 cubic inches.

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Linktip: Chopper Builders Handbook Online

Welcome To The Chopper Builders Handbook Online

The primary objective of the Chopper Builders Handbook is to provide basic information that will enable everyone to build their own Chopper from scratch. This site is presently under construction but we will be adding new material as time permits so check back. We plan on making another major upgrade to the site in late March. ... This guidebook was prepared to provide the novice bike builder or new small shop owner with basic technical information that we do not believe has been published elsewhere. It attempts to answer the most commonly asked questions one would find posted at the typical internet motorcycle tech forum. This is an ongoing project and will remain a work in progress indefinitely. This is not a comprehensive ‘how to do it guide’ and the reader is urged to use this material in conjunction with the factory shop manuals, our Internet links and other technical publications and technical discussion forums on the Internet that address in detail the processes of welding, metal fabrication, wiring and painting, jig building and general frame fabrication.

Coming from:

"-- Big news update- Billy has agreed to do another Biker Build Off. This build off will be against Russell Mitchell and begin filming in May with a goal air time of early this fall. Billy is excited about the opportunity and looking forward to the next Biker Build Off installment and other exciting projects with Discovery and others. Discovery is now rerunning many of the Biker Build Off's. Since Billy was in so many, you may now have the chance to see episodes you missed. Billy has two that episodes that will re-air very soon. I have listed them below along with re-air dates so you can tune in. Biker Build Off against Mike Brown will re-air February 13th Tribute build in memory of Indian Larry will re-air February 6th Check your local listings for times on Discovery Channel."

Darcy Betlach

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Article: "Smart Money:1999–2005 Harley-Davidson FXDX

By Tim Carrithers
Photography: Kevin Wing

It rolled out of Milwaukee as the Dyna Super Glide Sport—FXDX in Motor Company shorthand—and into our hearts on twisted roads such as Stunt and Latigo Canyon. Cool enough to hold its own on the Sunset Strip or Hollywood Boulevard, this Big Twin remains scandalously proficient in the twisty bits where most Harleys fear to tread. Say what?"



22.01.2006 13th. HARDCORE DAY, Hockenheim, Germany
03.-12.03.2006 Daytona Bike Week, Daytona, Florida, USA
25./26.03.2006 European Motorcycle Days, Mainz, Germany
29.-01.04.2006 Dubai Bike Week, Dubai, UAE
22./23.04.2006 Kustom Show Paris, France
26.-30.04.2006 Laughlin River Run, Laughlin, Nevada, USA
12.-21.05.2006 Myrtle Beach Bike Week, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
27./28.05.2006 Bike Freak Show, Moscow, Russia
01.-05.06.2006 Super Rally, Vinstra, Norway
07./13.08.2006 Sturgis Ralley, South Dakota, USA
02.-10.09.2006 European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria
14.-17.09.2006 Las Vegas Bikefest, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
10.-15.10.2006 Salao Dua Rodas, Sao Paolo, Brasil
19.-22.10.2006 Biketoberfest, Daytona, Florida, USA
04.-05.11.2006 Cool Breaker Show, Yokohama, Japan
10.-12.11.2006 MotorSale, Rosmalen, Holland
17.-19.11.2006 Sydney Motorcycle Show, Sydney, Australia
01.-03.12.2006 Custom Bike, Bad Salzuflen, Germany

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Article: "Viper Shows Its Next Generation of Cruiser Motorcycles
Viper Motorcycles releases photos of two 2007 models, the Diablo and the Diamondback.

The new 2007 Viper Diamondback,

Viper Motorcycles, which calls itself a manufacturer of 'Super Cruiser motorcycles with cutting edge technology for the affluent enthusiast,' has unveiled two 2007 models, which it says will be produced early in the second quarter of 2006. Although no firm prices have been set, if you want one, you will need to be affluent to the tune $28,000 to $35,000, depending on engine and paint choices. The company offers three engine displacements for its powerplants: 115, 128 or 152 cubic inches (or approximately 1900, 2100 or 2500cc). The company's web site also shows a third model, the Viper Dragon designed by customizer Donnie Smith."

Coming from: DRAG Specialties

FatBook project bike built by NYC Choppers with complete parts list.

Coming from: Performance Machine

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Roland Sands Green Machine

Coming from:

"Turns out, the combination of really short bike and a massive drag slick made for a somewhat demanding ride. Not impossible, but certainly not for the neophyte either. Being a talented rider, Roland quickly adapted as he putted it around and warmed it up. The initial blast down the road immediately demonstrated just how challenging things were going to be. Still fighting the bike’s tendency to unweight the front end and change direction, Roland hastily realized he would have to take a hand off of the handlebars to change gears. Shifting now took on the blurred whirlwind look of a pitchers wind up as he swung his hand off the bars, to the shifter and back onto the bars as both he and the bike disappeared into the inky black night. It’s a damn good thing creativity has no off switch…"

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Article : "Von Dutch Kustom Cycles Chosen to Build Official Custom Motorcycle of the 2006 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Von Dutch Kustom Cycles
( has been unanimously selected by the Sturgis
Chamber of Commerce to build the official custom bike for the 2006 Sturgis
Motorcycle Rally. Von Dutch Kustom Cycles, with it's winning bike design, the
Cruelworld Softail Chopper, was awarded this prestigious honor, beating out
numerous motorcycle companies, manufacturers, OEM's and custom builders. The
bike, which has been built for the 66th Annual Sturgis Rally, will be raffled
off for charity through the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation
and Sturgis Rally Charities. Raffle tickets will be available online at
'We are excited and humbled to receive this distinguished honor,' says
VDKC COO and Chief Designer, Alex Mardikian. 'Von Dutch Kustom Cycles was
built on the principle of 'Kustom Kulture.' We plan to use this opportunity
that the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce has graciously bestowed upon us, to help
educate the motorcycle community about Kustom Kulture, and why it is relevant
to us and our fellow bike builders and enthusiasts.'"

Coming from:

Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles (TMCC) held its first annual dealer meeting Friday July 22nd which was a great success not only for our dealers but also for Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles. We would like to thank the 60 plus dealers that made the trip out to see us at our home base in Loveland, Colorado! We are proud to announce that our very own Blackhawk 240's have launched TMCC into the top 5 custom bike builders in the world, which was done with no external marketing outside of our dealerships. TMCC now has a full time marketing director dedicated to launching a national marketing campaign over the next quarter that will bring custom bike enthusiasts into our dealer network to find their perfect custom.

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Article: "2006 Victorys Ride & Factory Tour
By Kevin Duke

When Polaris Industries announced in the mid-1990s it was going to launch a new breed of American cruisers under the Victory brand, Harley-Davidson - among many others - yawned collectively. After all, how could a homey snowmobile and ATV company be expected to compete with the likes of giants such as The Motor Company and the Japanese Big Four?

Then, after the first Victorys emerged in 1998 as the first all-new American-made motorcycles from a major company in nearly 60 years, their blocky styling and underwhelming performance proved the naysayers correct. The Polaris boys in Minnesota were never going to put a dent in Harley's flourishing sales with dull bikes like those early models."

Article: "Arizona Motorcycle Expo
Story and Photos by Billy Bartels
One of Winter's Hidden Gems
Chances to gawk at large numbers of custom bikes tails off markedly in the winter months, with most of the industry shutting themselves in for the duration to work on bikes for the big spring shows, starting with Daytona Bike Week in March. A little known exception to that rule is the Arizona Motorcycle Expo that typically takes place in early December in the Grand Canyon State's capital, Phoenix.

Not only is there a vast stable of chrome ponies to feast the eyes upon, there were several debuts of recently completed or almost-completed machines by local builders of the American Southwest. Not that the term 'local builder' in the Phoenix area means 'sub-par,' as several of the most respected artisans in the biz are located in the Valley of the Sun, and many of them use this little Expo to gauge crowd reaction to their latest and greatest."

2006 American IronHorse - First Ride -

Article:: "2006 American IronHorse - First Ride
By Steve Natt

This past June, the people at American IronHorse Motorcycles celebrated their 10th Anniversary by inviting a bunch of journalists to their factory in Ft. Worth Texas. The reason you're just hearing about this now is that they put an embargo on the gift of prose you're about to receive so it wouldn't pre-empt their annual dealer meeting announcements on Sept 11. We've been sitting on this hot potato all summer long, and it's ready to be mashed. If you're not already up to speed on what's going on in the small manufacturer/semi-custom bike world, allow me to help you find the throttle. Way back in the mid-Nineties when there were too many customers and not enough Harleys, a few forward-thinking entrepreneurs smelled an opportunity, and some of them are actually still in business. Among them, American IronHorse. They've been through some rough times, but have found ways to weather the storms that have sunk other, sometimes far larger ships (Indian, Excelsior-Henderson) by improving the consistency, quality and reliability of their bikes."

Coming from:

“You wanted the best,” The announcer screamed into the stage mike. “You got it, the best the hottest band in the world KISS!” That’s what you heard just before one of the most influential rock-n-roll bands of Michael Lima's time took the stage.

”Now comes the two wheeled version,” Michael or Mike, the builder said. “A bike themed after this highly exciting and momentum driving rock band called, GOD of THUNDER taken from their song God of Thunder on the 1976 release Destroyer. We built it as a tribute to the band and their farewell tour. I thought of many other great bands of my time, but none that I could carry through out the entire bike like KISS.”

Read more. ... Article:: "Harley-Davidson named official Motorcycle of NHRA

by Anthony Vestal

GLENDORA, Calif. -- In a landmark announcement, Harley-Davidson, the only major U.S.-based manufacturer of motorcycles, has signed an exclusive, multi-tiered sponsorship package with NHRA that includes designation as the Official Motorcycle of NHRA, title sponsorship of the popular NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle Series and an extraordinary promotion that will provide NHRA fans the chance to win Harley-Davidson motorcycles, it was announced today by officials of the world’s largest motorsports organization."

Flyrite Choppers

Coming from: Flyrite Choppers

Flyrite Choppers: Traditional Bobbers & Choppers, a licensed manufacturer, listed in NADA & Kelley Blue Book . We love motorcycles. We love building motorcycles. We ride what we build. We realize that not everyone can afford $30K+ for a custom bike, or, $20k+ for a stock one. We build bikes the way they used to be: basic, bare bones, wrench-on-it-yourself-real for the real motorcycle rider. We have basic principles that we adhere to when building a bike. We use 1" tubing, our frames are made in-house. We use springer front ends. The largest tire we will offer is a 180mm x 16". No long bikes here. No twin cam engines. Four models are currently available with options to make one of them the bike you're dreaming of. Custom? You want a bike that nobody else has? All of our bikes are a little bit different, but if you want a true "one off" frame, we can do that as well. Pricing is not the same as our production models, but we believe we can give you the most for your money in the custom frame world.

2006 FRC Bobber:

2006 FRC Reach for the Sky

2006 FRC Outlaws Ruin

2006 FRC High Noon

Need more: Search Flyrite Choppers on Google.

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Zap2it - TV news - Brit Chopper Designer Makes Most of American 'Exile'

Article:: "Brit Chopper Designer Makes Most of American 'Exile'

By Jeff Pfeiffer Sunday, January 22, 2006

There are probably a good number of people who don't associate the British with beautiful choppers -- and we're not just talking about teeth. Motorcycles aren't necessarily the first thing one associates with England, but Russell Mitchell has helped change that since he arrived on our shores about 15 years ago."

A vroom with a view

Coming from: Orlando Sentinel

Choppers offer plenty of power in both the ride and the ridingexperience, and local shops help bikers project a powerful image, too.
Sandra Carr | Special to the Sentinel
Posted January 22, 2006

The wind blows through Peter Fonda's hair as he grips the handlebars of his shiny, sleek red-white-and-blue chopped Harley-Davidson motorcycle, riding across the Colorado River in search of freedom. He and his sidekick, Dennis Hopper, are on a road trip from L.A. to New Orleans on a bright sunny day, rolling to the pounding rhythms of Steppenwolf's rock 'n' roll motorcycle anthem "Born to be Wild." It's a scene from Easy Rider, a movie that made a bold, universal statement heard 'round the world: Motorcyclists who rode colorful custom-choppers were not ordinary bikers -- they were unique, somehow different. The truth is, even before the movie was released in 1969, choppers -- the style of custom bike being featured at Orlando Museum of Art's "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit, opening today -- already had their own history. After World War II, there was a surplus of motorcycles in the United States. Servicemen returning from the war were dissatisfied with the available Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles; they wanted to ride lighter bikes. So they created "bobbers" -- bikes with shortened rear fenders and no front fenders.

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DEPT. 85 bike from Huntington Beach Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Announces 20th Record Year: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Article:: "Harley-Davidson Announces 20th Record Year
Thursday January 19, 7:00 am ET
Revenue, Earnings and Retail Motorcycle Sales reach all time highs
Select financial data reported in the text of this press release is presented on the basis described in the Stock Option Accounting section below.

MILWAUKEE, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE: HDI - News) today announced record revenue and earnings for its fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2005. Revenue for the quarter was $1.34 billion compared with $1.22 billion in the year-ago quarter, a 9.9 percent increase. Net income for the quarter was $230.0 million compared to $209.0 million, an increase of 10.1 percent over 2004. Fourth quarter diluted earnings per share (EPS) were 84 cents, an 18.3 percent increase compared with last year's 71 cents."

Article:: "Terry Hermann Found The Perfect Combination - Arlen Ness and Rucker Performance

Terry Hermann was looking for a custom chopper motorcycle with an open primary. He drove two hours south to Arlen Ness Enterprises in Dublin, CA to check out their inventory.

At the Arlen Ness store, Terry met Bill Biler, the Sales Manager. Bill introduced Terry to the Gauntlet, a limited edition Ness-Gauntlet that was uniquely designed with selected Ness components. Terry was so enamored with the Gauntlet that he took delivery of the Gauntlet that day."

Article:: "Rucker Performance Launches 2006 Model Year Line

Rucker Performance, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom and production motorcycles, introduces a new comprehensive line-up of 2006 American Muscle and Chopper motorcycles.

FORT WORTH, Texas (PRWEB) October 27, 2005 -- Rucker Performance, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom and production motorcycles, introduces a new comprehensive line-up of 2006 American Muscle and Chopper motorcycles.

The Rucker Performance motorcycle has almost twice the horsepower of a stock Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Utilizing only top quality components, the company offers motorcycles with unique sheet metal and gas tank design, an eye-catching paint job and cutting edge designs.

The Assassin has the advantage of the latest technology available in the motorcycle industry today. The Assassin is created out of a carbon fiber composite body that decreases the weight of the bike and increases the durability of the motorcycle. The fuel tank is made out of Super-Form® aluminum used by Boeing, Lockheed, and British Aerospace. One of the most critical features on the Assassin is the new Rucker Performance patented Windlink suspension, an Indy style-cantilever suspension. The Assassin is the first OEM produced motorcycle to run the all new S&S 124 twin cam VFI fuel injected high horsepower motor. The motorcycle also includes an all billet swingarm and the remarkable Goldammer front suspension."

Article:: "Evel Knievel's Harley-Davidson XR-750

More than a daredevil, Evel Knievel combined sportsmanship and show business to become one of the most famous performers in America. The perils of his sport&$8212;making a motorcycle 'fly' over a row of vehicles—clearly were not for the average rider. Many of his jumps were successful; but in some spectacular crashes, Knievel fractured 35 to 40 bones. His visually stunning, suspenseful performances were perfectly suited to television and were especially exciting because of the chance that he"

Visit new Exile Cycles Fansite

Coming from: Exile Cycles Fansite

Lot of stuff for the Exile Cycles Fans. Don´t miss this.

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Exile Cycles News

Coming from: Exile Cycles

Exile Cycles New Premises

We are very proud of our new premises in North Hollywood. It features a showroom, spacious fabrication and assembly areas, a separate warehouse and some pretty posh offices! Come and visit us for our Open House next spring.
Exile on ESPN2 "Chopper Nation".

Exile Cycles will be featured on ESPN2's hit show "Chopper Nation". The first airing will be Wednesday January 18th at 11p.m. The show includes a detailed look at many of our bikes as well as a segment dedicated to our Jockey Shift offerings and a Sprocket Brake Kit installation. Learn how the gas tank on the Brown Pearl was hammered and distressed. The show concludes with a ride with Russell and the boys to a local chopper show. Visit
New season of "Build or Bust"

The second season of "Build or Bust" is about to hit your TV screens. Prepare for drama as another crop of wannabe bike builders try to create a machine that meets Russell's approval in less than one month. The stakes are high as a free $50,000 custom motorcycle is on the line! A few other "pro-builders" make guest appearances along the way. The new season is scheduled to start airing sometime in February. For more information visit or

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Article:: "Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum In Ohio Hosts Special Activities All Year Long

Jan 19, 2006

From a press release issued by Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum:


PICKERINGTON, OHIO – The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, America’s premiere showcase of motorcycling heritage and history, has announced an expanded calendar of events and activities for 2006. From its annual signature event, the October 6–7 Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction and Concours d’Elegance Weekend to festivals that celebrate the lifestyle and heritage of favorite motorcycles marques, Museum visitors will discover award-winning exhibits, entertainment, education and memorable stories 365 days a year. Just minutes from Columbus, Ohio, the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum’s exhibits and events take place in over 15,000 square feet of gallery space, surrounded by 23 scenic acres. The Museum is located next to the headquarters of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), adjacent to Interstate 70. Check the Museum’s web site often for up-to-date event information."

Initial Impression: 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCD Night Rod Motorcycle

Coming from: MotorcycleCruiser

The latest motorcycle in Harley-Davidson's VR Rod series, the 2006 Night Rod, has it all—the pumped up engine, comfortable ergonomics, V-Rod style, great brakes, good looks and a lower price. Here is a first impression. The complete test is in the October 2005 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine.

The latest addition to Harley-Davidson's VRSC family mates the low saddle height and raked-out frame of the V-Rod with the pumped-up 120-horsepower motor and exhaust system of the Street Rod roadster and then rolls in some detail touches all its own. The complete test is available in the October 2005 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. Here are some initial impressions from our first rides on the bike.

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Coming from: Forbes

For Ray Ma, freedom on the open road means riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle behind two police cars through the Chinese countryside. The 53-year-old Hong Kong dental surgeon and members of his 35-bike riding group had to pay 10,000 Hong Kong dollars ($1,290 U.S.) per bike in escort and paperwork fees last fall to make their trip to Guilin city a reality. "We have to follow the rules in the place where they have the rules," Ma said. "And I regard that as free." But Ma said he yearns for the day when he can escape the cramped city for the Chinese mainland without the hassle. "We really hope that we can ride through the border like anywhere else, like in the States or Canada, or Europe," said Ma. "So that we can just plan a weekend trip, three days and two nights in China. That is really the best for a Hong Kong rider." For years, iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc. has pushed hard to find ways to sell its motorcycles in China. Now, the Milwaukee-based company says it plans to announce before summer that it will open its first retail outlet in the country since at least World War II.

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Article:: "Custom bike builder strives to create 'rolling works of art'

By Laura Ammerman - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Michael Beland doesn't mind mixing business with pleasure. In fact, it's a way of life for the 37-year-old owner of A1 Cycles.

Beland builds custom motorcycles out of his Wellington shop, rides with customers on weekends and travels across the country with his friends and his son to race on dirt and ice."

The V-TWIN Café 1994 FXDL Dyna Low Rider

Coming from: Nightrider

This bike is not just another pretty face in the crowd. No matter where the V-TWIN Café goes, it draws a crowd. No fancy covers, no "Live to Ride" chrome. This bike was designed to be very functional on the street and the race track. Drag racing, land speed racing, a quick dash down a winding country road, cruising on Main Street in Daytona or just sitting down at the local watering hole are all on the menu for this motorcycle.

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Coming from: HOTBIKEWEB

If you're an avid HOT BIKE reader, then you know that we've featured quite a few bikes built by Jerry Covington and his Woodward, Oklahoma, -based shop, Covington's Cycle City (CCC). If you've paid attention, then you've probably noticed that all of the shop's bikes are top-of-the-line custom pieces of machinery. A few months back, Jerry got some breathing room between builds, and was able to poke his head out of his shop and check out what the rest of the custom motorcycle industry was doing. What he noticed was there were plenty of shops building nice bikes that would fall into the median price range of the custom market, but there weren't too many people building cool-looking bikes in the lower price range.

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Article:: "Santiago Chopper and Mark Lunsford Join Forces in the Fight to Protect Children

The anticipation is building and the paint is barely dry, but Santiago Chopper of Tampa Bay is gearing up for the first donation of their “Choppers for Charity” program.

Tampa, FL, January 17, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- The recipient, Mark Lunsford of The Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation, was granted the motorcycle during Daytona Beach’s Biketoberfest 2005. The custom motorcycle, aptly named “Jessie’s Ride” will officially be presented March 4, 2006 at Destination Daytona." Visit: SantiagoChopper

DBBP visited 864 Garage

Coming from: DBBP


This one is called "So-cal Suicide" Read more.

Coming from: Choppers Inc.

January 20-22 IMS Show - New York City
Jacob K. Javits Center- Billy autographs Fri 2pm-8pm, Sat 11am-6pm.

Feb 4-6 V-Twin Expo (TRADE ONLY)- Cincinnati, OH Choppers INC Dealers are invited to visit our booth and check out Billy's new 2006 parts line.

Feb 10-12 IMS Show - Chicago
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center - Billy autographs Fri 5pm-8pm, Sat 11am-6pm.

Feb 17-19 Easyriders Centerfold Tour - Columbus, OH
Veterans Memorial- Billy autographs Sat 11am-5pm.

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Coming from: is a great site, with tons of free and interesting content (they have a paid members only area as well, 16,60$/year). I personally like most the Road Tests and Wrench's Bike Barn. To start just try

On The Edge Of Sin City
A Sucker Punch Sally Feature
Jose Interviews Billy Lane

or begin with the News.

Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

The world fastest Indian

Coming from: About - Motorcycles

This article discusses the 2006 movie, "The World's Fastest Indian." Anthony Hopkins stars as Burt Munro, a man who never let the dreams of youth fade. In the late '60s, after a lifetime of perfecting his classic Indian motorcycle, Burt sets off from the bottom of the world, Invercargill, New Zealand, to clock his bike at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. With all odds against him ...

Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Exile on ESPN2 'Chopper Nation

Article:: "Exile on ESPN2 'Chopper Nation'.

Exile Cycles will be featured on ESPN2's hit show 'Chopper Nation'. The first airing will be Wednesday January 18th at 11p.m. The show includes a detailed look at many of our bikes as well as a segment dedicated to our Jockey Shift offerings and a Sprocket Brake Kit installation. Learn how the gas tank on the Brown Pearl was hammered and distressed. The show concludes with a ride with Russell and the boys to a local chopper show."

Saxon strikes a blow

Article:: "Thunder Press Reviews '06 Lineup
Nov 21, 2005
Saxon strikes a blow
New kids on the chopper block contend for cool
by “Lodown” Dan Parker
From Thunder Press December 2005

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, SEPT. 21—Wailing down the 202 where it runs south from Chandler, Arizona, a not-so-small town just below Phoenix, I couldn’t believe my good luck. I was aboard the Saxon Motorcycle Company’s way too “old skool kool” Black Crown, a softailed chopper-style bike complete with a bobbed rear fender, four-inch-over flat black springer front end, 96-inch S&S engine, six-speed tranny, pinstriping, red rims and 240mm rear tire, a “Frisco King” gas tank, upswept heat-wrapped fishtail pipes, drag bars and all the attitude any rider could ever want."

Coming from: Motorcycle Cruiser

Harley-Davidson to Offer Military-Theme Paint and Accessory Kits for Fat Boy Motorcycles, Donate $100,000 to USO
Harley-Davidson's new Commemorative Edition Military Paint and Accessory kits for Fat Boy motorcycles will be produced in limited numbers in five kits for each branch of the armed services&3151Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. The kits will fund a donation to the USO. By Art Friedman.

Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Coming from: Frederick News-Post
International Motorcycle Show rolls into D.C. Published on January 13, 2006 By Jason Brennan News-Post Staff
Step out of your normal routine this weekend and treat yourself to some eye-popping stunts, the roar of engines and the very best of what the motorcycle industry has to offer.

Read more and here.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Three Two Choppers Rufino Bike

Coming from Three Two Choppers:

"Innovation is a very basic concept. You either set the trends, or you follow them. Rarely is there room for interpretation of this most basic of concepts, especially when it comes to the motorcycle industry. You are either willing to take the risks associated in defining your own sense of style and design, setting yourself apart from the pack...or you become one of those guys you see hunting for his bike in a sea of thousands of other cookie-cutter bikes at ROT. "

See more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Article:: "OCC Teutuls to Appear at N.Y. Show
Courtesy of Advanstar

Paul Teutul Sr., Founder of Orange County Ironworks and the master mind behind the commercial success of Orange County Choppers, his sons Paul Jr. and Mikey, their friend/fabricator Vinnie and the rest of the Orange County Choppers (OCC) crew, will be on hand to meet show attendees, sign autographs and talk about building bikes on Saturday, January 21 and Sunday, January 22, at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show presented by Toyota Trucks in New York City."

Coming from: Confederate Motor Company, Inc.:

Confederate Motor Company's unique design aesthetic adheres to the industrial elegance of the Bauhaus and a deep history of Southern ingenuity that includes the invention of the first submarine the C.S.S. Hunley, the LeMat double barrel pistol, Jazz, and Rock n' Roll. The fastest and most luxurious American radial-twin motorcycles ever made, each machine is entirely crafted by hand to showcase evolved individual craftsmanship. Devoid of ornamentation, the minimalism of each machine illuminates the stark and elegant beauty of uncompromised American heirloom quality. What makes a machine truly luxurious ? T.E. Lawrence, an avid rider and collector of Brough Superiors, said a "motor-bike with a touch of blood in it is better than all the riding animals on earth, because of its logical extension of our faculties, and the hint, the provocations, to excess." The 2005 Confederate F113 Hellcat is the embodiment of a 15-year-long design process steeped in a fanatical devotion to the perfection of motorcycling. Blazing speed, mountains of torque, a super-light world-class chassis, the most advanced components available, and old-world craftsmanship of the highest order are the result. The F113 Hellcat performs like the finest of thoroughbred European road burners, yet retains the aggressiveness and attitude of a custom American V-twin chopper.

Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Article:: "ORLANDO
Museum takes an artful angle on motorcycles
A exhibition of 70 motorcycles spanning 120 years makes the connection between transportion, art, design and popular culture.
Special to The Miami Herald

What's the subject of Florida's hottest art exhibition? Manets? Monets? Mummies?

Try motorcycles. A fleet of more than 70 streamlined, sensuous, and seductive motorcycles rolling into the Orlando Museum of Art Jan. 22 through July 23 in an exhibit that explores the motorcycle as both cultural icon and design achievement.

If the exhibition sounds familiar, think back to 1998 when Art of the Motorcycle was one of most popular presentations ever displayed at New York's Guggenheim Museum. The exhibit later set attendance records in Las Vegas and Memphis."

O School Choppers from Sin City Nevada

Coming from: O School Choppers

"O School Choppers is the destination for the past, located just 3 miles west from the Vegas STRIP off Blue Diamond Rd.. Our shop features complete service, design, assembly, paint, leather works and the custom fabrication of down to earth..... no bullshit..... CHOPPERS and BOBBERS. We create and build the details from the age of the true chopper, that stops traffic with O Style nostalgia and sets our bike apart from the Garage Candy. O School isn't chrome and garage candy it's back to basics........ flat black, pin stripes, whitewall tires, apes, solo seat, peanut tank. A real bar hopper no ole lady on these fenders....OK sum times ya gotta give in."

Read an article about O School Choppers in

More pics here.

More pics here.

Do not forget to visit their gallery and the Project "O" School Bourbon Bike Build. Last but not least ... Sabrina is the New O School Choppers Spokesmodel:

Find even more about O School Choppers in Google.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Coming from: Deb´s Den

Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Balls Biker - Great Photos

Coming from: Balls Biker

This site features the award-winning work of Michael "Balls" Farabaugh. Farabaugh's photography has been featured in such well known national publications as Easyriders, Biker, V-Twin and others. Great pictures of Custom Bikes and Bikes n´Babes.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

The Governator Takes a Spill

Coming from:

By Bart Madson

It has been a rough time for California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as of late. Slumping approval ratings, a disastrous initiative election flop, and now word that the Governator has wrecked his Harley.

But of course the highest ranking officer in the executive branch of "the great state of California" (remember to imagine Ahnold's voice in those quotation marks) is legally able to ride his motorcycle right? Maybe and maybe not.

Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

Coming from: Motorcycle Cruiser magazine

Harley-Davidson's less-dressed dresser is the perfect choice for a rider who wants to travel in minimalist luxury with a touch of nostalgia. From the December 2005 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. By Art Friedman

Though not as roomy as some other touring bikes, the Electra Glide is much handier in traffic.

One nice thing about working for a motorcycle magazine is that you have an almost endless selection of motorcycles to choose from. The world may not be your oyster, but it is your garage. As I prepared for my ride up US Highway 395 in a nostalgic frame of mind, I decided I wanted to ride something that reminded me of the bikes I saw out on the roads in the 1950s. Read more.

[Submitted by George from Bikes, Chopper and More]

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