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  • Custom Motorcycle Talk by BeachCruiser
    Cool Site: "Bikes, builders, opinions and more"

  • knucklebusterinc: Leatherwork
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    "This guy doesn’t give himself enough credit because he does some seriously nice leatherwork Leather tooling is a real art form – some guys got the touch, others don’t. In my eyes, Chris is the real deal, his work really speaks for itself, but obviously the dude has skills. Check out the attention to detail and shading – just some really awesome work all around. "

  • Kneeslider: Motorcycle Style Faucets
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    "MFX, Inc. is a company built around an idea that popped up in the head of Rob Parrette. Rob was sitting around one evening talking to his brother about motorcycles (probably lots of beer involved!) and up pops this idea about making a faucet that’s styled to look like a motorcycle gas tank and handlebars."

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  • yahoo: Billy Lane to Visit Troops in Germany
    "ARLINGTON, Va., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Custom bike builder Billy Lane will depart on his first USO tour to Germany June 30. During the six-day tour, Lane will spend time with service members and their families at Vogelweh Military Complex as well as participate in July 4th celebrations at Spangdahlem Air Force Base, Baumholder Army Base and Ramstein Air Base. This tour is co-sponsored by Armed Forces Entertainment."

  • Steve McQueen Collection to be sold
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    "Bonhams & Butterfields is proud to have been a sponsor of this past weekend's Legend of the Motorcycle International Concours d'Elegance, and the leading West Coast auction house considered it no more fitting a time to announce the sale of the Steve McQueen Collection. Collectors, fans and biking enthusiasts are sure to agree that McQueen was a true American motoring legend."

  • JRL CYCLES: radial motor chopper
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    "JRL Cycles is currently building what is probably the first radial motor chopper. One of the largest air-cooled motors ever to power a motorcycle the 7-cylinder radial is the same type used to power aircraft during World War II and is believed to be the basis for the V-twin motorcycle motor."

  • Chopsmiths Chopper
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    Free Image Hosting at
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  • bikernet: Johnny Pag 250 Spyder
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    "But it’s no accident that Southern California veteran custom bike builder, Johnny Pag has now brought home from China a new motorcycle, the Spyder 250, that just might take the Ultimate Most Bang for the Buck Award. While the bike is assembled in China, specifically at a 650,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant near the city of Wenzhou, its design is definitely Made in America, all components drafted up by Johnny to his exacting specifications, and not by e-mail or telephone. Johnny’s a hands-on kind of guy and spent six months out of the year working on location in China on the project. His son, JR, joined him on the long distance work commute and in fact began taking Chinese language lessons."

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  • Bikes in the Fast Lane: Neander Diesel Turbo Motorcycle
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    "We've probably all seen and read about the Kawasaki KLR modified to run on diesel (as used by the US Marines. The British Army attempt with a Royal Enfield or the EcoRider. Well, here's the latest, and surprisingly good looking diesel cruiser motorcycle; the German built Neander. So, what's different ? First, and very important, the Neander is a Turbo Diesel engine !! "

  • Billy Lane's 3rd hubless chopper going up in flames at Laconia
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    "BILLY LANE RUMOR CONTROL-- Bandit- Got any news on Billy Lane's 3rd hubless chopper going up in flames at Laconia? Hope he wasn't hurt! That would suck! Thanks man, and as always keep up the good work! --Steve We immediately contacted our East Coast Bikernet correspondent, TBear. Here's his report. "Yes indeed-de-do. Seems that a weld on the gas tank may have cracked. I'll be with Billy this weekend and I'll try to get the true skinny. At lease no one was hurt, except maybe their pride. Such is life in the "Fast Lane". --Bandit "

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  • Motorcycle Cruiser: 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna Motorcycles
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    "I recently spent a day riding Harley-Davidson's 2006 motorcycles. Naturally, I spent most of my time on the bikes that were new for 2006, including the new Dyna models, notably the 35th Anniversary Super Glide and the Street Bob. If you have read our preview of the 2006 Harleys, you know that Harley substantially changed the Dyna series motorcycles for 2006. "

  • Glide is a state of mind
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    "It took me 20 minutes longer than usual to get to work, even though the traffic was lighter than usual. The reason: I was riding a Harley-Davidson FLHTCUI Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Not because it's slow – it'll do an honest 160km/h if you give it some space – but because it's so big. It's nearly as long as its name and so wide that I couldn't get between the cars, which was why I was late for work."

  • Jockey Journal: The Wall Of Death
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    "A post by sojerscaper on the board inspired me to research some of the great vintage “Wall of Death” acts. These crazed hoodlums from England started with thier fun in the 1920’s after being inspired by the American board track racers of the day. By the 1930’s, the idea had taken off and there were over 20 tracks setting up around the world and entertaining the masses. It got so popular that acts had to differentiate themselves by grabbing bigger and bigger sacks. Some of the more memorable acts include taking a lion around the wall in a sidecart and pulling a bear around on rollerskates… Yes, yes… crazy fuckers."

  • The Bitch Slap Biker Build-Off Winner
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    "The two builders and their teams met in Two Harbors Minnesota on Tuesday (6/13/2006) in preparation for the ride that started at the Split Rock Lighthouse just north of the rock, on Wednesday morning at sunup. The lighthouse is approximately 100 miles south of Canada on Lake Superior and very scenic. Oh YEAH! It was Leather and or Thermal weather. The motorcycles were first seen by each contestant and the crews at that time. They were beautiful, well built and as different as night and day, as was the builders. Gypsy the small blond female and Kim the tall large male. The motorcycles were reflective of each builder. Engine shot "

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  • Billy Lane: The Chronic
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    "Billy's third hubless bike! Watch for it at events in 2006. Billy's mechanical engineering education helped him turn this fantasy technology into reality. Specs: 1945 H-D Flathead, custom water-cooled, 80 cubic inch, Magneto, S&S L-Model Carb, custom exhaust. 1968 H-D Transmission, suicide shift. Santee rigid frame 43 degree rake, 4" forward, 6" up, Choppers INC Titty Bars, Lucky's Choppers fender (customized by Billy). Denvers Choppers front end. Extreme Machine front wheel. Dunlop tires. Choppers INC Trucker Girl Taglite, Six-Gun foot pegs, and traffic cop (ball-pein hammer). Leather seat by Ryan Edwards."

  • 2006 Suzuki M109R
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    "Yeahs -
    Powerplant - smooth yet gnarly
    Styling - I dig the Batman/dragster look
    Rear Tire - bigger is better in this case

    Give me mid-mount controls
    How much is that rear tire to replace?
    What, no cupholders? "

  • Why bikes are better than girls!

    "Motorcycles always feel like going for a ride." Get them all HERE

  • atomiccustom: El Diablo
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    "Atomic Custom Inc. is dedicated to building custom traditional styled bikes, one at a time. Our bikes are built to last, and we use only top quality components. If you want a truly one of a kind custom, contact Trent. All work is guaranteed and bikes come ready to ride."

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

  • Street Chopper: Spartan Sporty
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    "With all of the big-name bike builders out there who are willing to put together choppers, we sometimes forget how cheap and easy building a chopper really is. It isn't necessary to throw down $30,000 for a cool chop. A good example of this fact is Rich Nogueira's custom chopped Sporty. Rich had been into bikes for the majority of his life and always had a least one Harley in his garage at any given time. He had never been able to afford a new bike, but he still loved what he did have, even though they all had previous owners. Similar to most H-D enthusiasts, Rich went to local bike shows and often dreamt about owning a chopper whenever he drooled over the pages of his favorite custom bike magazines."

  • FRC - Puta de Oro
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    "This motorcycle was built for the 2006 el Diablo Run. It made the trip, won the show, came back home, and now it’s for sale. The trip was trouble free. The Puta de Oro is a one of a kind motorcycle. It will title as a Flyrite Chopper (easy finance and easier insurance). It has a 93 cu. in. S&S generator shovel with a Super E carburetor. Electrics are by Cycle Electric with a Morris magneto. Kick start only 4 speed transmission and a open primary (belt). Final drive is a 530 O-ring chain that spins a FRC SpeedLine Roket with DUAL rear calipers (polished)."

    Free Image Hosting at
    Turn Of The Key
    Flick Of A Switch
    Push Of A Button
    She Roars To Life

    Tighten My Gloves
    Drop Down My
    Orange Colored Shades
    I Look Ahead As
    The Headlight Shows Me
    The Way

    Burp The Throttle
    Pull In The Clutch
    Ease into First Gear
    Rock The Throttle
    As I Ease Out The Clutch

    Taking Her Slow And Easy
    I Head Down The Road
    As I Try To Avoid
    University's Pot Holes

    Turning On To 58
    I Give Her A Little Goose,
    Across A Patch Of Hidden Sand
    But She Didn’t Come Loose
    Out To Uncle Dales I Ride

    We Talk About Choppers,
    Rat Rods, And How
    Wallcott's Truck Show
    Is Coming Up Soon

    I Finish My Drink
    Then I'm On My Way
    Time To Head On Home
    And Put The Bike Away
    Until Tomorrow Brings
    Another Day

    -- Joshua Griffith" "

  • Bikernet: Bad Ass Mutant Buell
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    "Justin Schilling, of Two-Bit Choppers, recently completed this Buell conversion for a customer, Randy Carlson, out of Bend, Oregon. “Of course Bend is ground zero for BMC,” Justin said, “and Randy was actually good friends with many of Big Mike's crew, so buying a scoot from an out-of-town shop wasn't something to be taken lightly.” Randy however was looking to have something built that would slap the blacked-out Hooligan status quo in the face. A bike that could stand out in a crowd where stock Harleys are in the minority, and clean production customs are the norm."

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

Perewitz Bike Night June 21st

  • Perewitz
    Free Image Hosting at
    Come join us for our Bike Night Wednesday June 21st from 6-9 pm on the first day of summer. Discovery Channel will be here LIVE filming for another Biker Build-off. We will have food, temporary tattoos, entertainment, burnouts and lots more! Come by and see the excitement and maybe get on TV!! Next week will be the first of 3 film segments capturing the build. It will be aired mid September. Our bike nights will continue throughout the summer on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Come show your motorcycle spirit. Hope to see you at Perewitz Bike Night! "

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

  • Choppahead Bikes
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    "We build anything from classic styled kustoms to raw, gritty, hardcore mayhem machines. And, we can work with almost ANY budget. Whether you got 6k or 60k to drop! We are lowdown chopper trash ourselves and don't feel you should have to remortgage your house to get a kool kustom motorcycle. We've been featured in national and international magazines like The Horse Backstreet Choppers, Hardcore Chopper, Chopper Underground, Wrench, etc. (see our Media section coming soon to this site); and have taken numerous trophy's at shows. Our bikes speak for themselves. Check out some of our work in the photos below. So if you want a kickass kustom sickle built for you, shoot an e-mail to or call (617)283-5970 and we can get into the details... Peep below for flicks of Choppahead crew/extended fam bikes and general jackassiness..."

  • DicE MAGAZINE Issue 10
    Free Image Hosting at
    "What do you get if you cross Tom Selleck from the film '3 Men and a baby' with Anna Nicole Smith the brain of a baby? erm hello people, it would be, without a doubt, the best ever dream woman! Not only would she have the best Cones around, but she would also be cruising the most killer of all moustaches...the Dick Broom! Until that happens though, stop messing about and go out and get the latest copy of DicE...With an all new format and 76 FULL COLOUR PAGES (!!!!!!!!!!) oh and it looks more mental than Courney Loves face! Hoorah!"

  • flickr: stuckincustoms

    Stunning pictures

  • Oliepeil: V10 motor
    Free Image Hosting at
    Find more strange motorcycle vehicles HERE

  • Livejournal motorcycles
    Free Image Hosting at
    I liked this poster ...

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

Isto Omega - Softail Standard - 250 Chopper - Sands Takes Down Rooke

  • Isto Omega The Best Bike In Scandinavia
    Free Image Hosting at
    " A rolling work of art it would easily be at home on the road or mounted on a pedestal in New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art."

  • The 2006 Softail Standard
    Free Image Hosting at
    "I don’t know if it was the blue pill the doctor gave me, or that red Softail the fleet center loaned Bikernet, but my life hasn’t been the same since. My flaming pile-of-shit-of-a- existence wasn’t heading anywhere. I sold my last bike to help support my music habit. I needed a descant stack to compete on a pro level. But good equipment is no match for unreliable band members. When you sell your soul for something, make sure your fate is in your hands alone, otherwise you will find nothing but disillusionment."

  • 250 Chopper
    Free Image Hosting at
    "The Spyder 250 as the name implies features a 250cc twin cylinder, four stroke power-plant that brings the bike, as Johnny says, “comfortably up to speeding ticket speeds.” While not aimed at breaking land speed records, the custom chopper will cruise all day and sips gas at 65 mpg. Specs include a dry weight of 360 lb. and a 73-inch wheelbase, a Softail-type suspension with an adjustable seat height of 20-23 inches, chromed alloy rims, 21-inch front and 16-inch rear tires, rated load of 1000lbs., and a 4.2 gallon fuel tank. Colors include candy red, blue, silver and black all with silver flames and an all black model."

  • Sands Takes Down Rooke in 2006 Discovery Biker Build Off
    Free Image Hosting at
    "Former AMA MotoGP Champion-Turned Master Builder Leans on Racing Expertise to Defeat Jesse Rooke in the Garage and on the Track"

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

  • Matthew "ArtBiker" Linton: FREE BEER and exhibition at the Belknap Mill in Laconia

    "ArtBiker is having another big show... We will be putting up an exhibition at the Belknap Mill in Laconia, NH. This show will run during Laconia Motorcycle Week and there will be a reception for the artists on Sunday, June 11th. Please stop by to see the show and, if you are there on Sunday, please come by to meet the artists in person. Show Runs from June 10th - 18th and is FREE! Artist Reception Sunday, June 11th from 11-1 Snacks provided and FREE BEER until the keg runs dry! There will be a parade at 1:00 w/ the Budweiser's Clydesdales and vintage bikes... Races from 1:30-4:30. The Gallery will be open until 6pm.

  • Motorcycle mania - Expo to highlight female riders is first of its kind

    "This weekend the Gold Country Fairgrounds will rattle and shake as thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts converge on Auburn for a big-time get together. However, this isn't the same ol' biker gathering. Touted as the first of its kind in the United States, the 2006 Women's Motorcycle Expo will touch down this Saturday and Sunday, featuring bikes, clinics, artists, music, food and much more. Promoters are expecting as many as 15,000 participants during the two-day event that is drawing folks from as far away as Boston, Mass."

  • Biker News: Chopper Builder Jesse James Opens Health Food Restaurant

    "Jesse James, the chopper builder and star of Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage", has opened up a health-conscious, environment-friendly, hamburger joint."

  • Attila: Exile's 10th Anniversary + Russell's party (70+ pics)

    "Don't even attempt this if you're on a dial up. On second thought, go grab a cold one - the load time should be worth it. People flew in from around the country. Pro builders in attendence: Chica, Eddie Trotta, Redneck Engineering, SuperCo Customs, Matt Hotch, Sugar Bear, Arlen & Corey Ness, Jesse Rooke, Todd's Cycle, Central Coast Customs, Blak Flag, Billy Lane, amongst several others no doubt. This was THE place to be. Magazine coverage included Hot Bike, Tattoo Savage, and The Horse: Backstreet Choppers. Look for much better pictures from Hammer in The Horse and consider this a precursor."

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

  • StarPress: Motorcycling has spiritual meaning for the Pinkertons

    "Becky and Charlie Pinkerton say riding their motorcycle helps them weather the bumps along life's highway. Recently, the couple completed their fifth "Run For the Son" 100-mile ride to raise money for the Christian Motorcyclists Association, an international non-profit ministry.They also are members of Harley Davidson Owners Group. "It's not a social thing," Charlie said about the CMA. "We gather once a month and we have breakfast and prayer.""

  • rider: Boss Hoss To Cruise The Streets At Americade

    "Every Boss Hoss is engineered for total performance, not just speed, and has 3-4 times the power of any production bike in the world. The upgraded line of 2006 bikes and trikes features sleek rounded front and rear fenders. For increased visibility, transmission positioned indicator lights have been added to the dash mounted LED display on all models. LED lighting, known for its durability and long life, will now be used for all bike signal lights, and new models will also include a serpentine belt system for the alternator. For added comfort, the once optional Mustang trike seat has now been made standard on the new 2006 models. Boss Hoss Cycles are easy to handle and feature 2-speed automatic transmissions with a ‘real’ reverse. Boss Hoss bikes and trikes are available in 355 or 502 horsepower."

  • rider: Buell Ulysses nominated Best New Engineered

    "Nominated for transforming the ultra short 52 inch wheelbase of the XB12 Lightning sportbike into an adventure touring bike with real off-highway capabilities. The XB series Buells were already engineering innovations with their massive aluminum frames doubling as fuel tanks, swingarms serving as oil reservoirs and their unique “inside-out” disc brakes. Even the big-can under engine muffl er, once considered a curiosity, has now found vindication as both Yamaha and Suzuki are using similar designs on their latest sportbikes."

  • rider: Ironhorse Anniversary Texas Chopper Nominted Best New Style Bike for 2006

    "American IronHorse Special Edition 10th Anniversary Texas Chopper is nominated Best New Style for 2006 for creating a 125 of a kind killer custom. At $50,000, this bike isn’t going to win any Best Buy awards, but from a purely stylistic viewpoint, this baby is the Pamela Anderson of motorcycles. It’s so sexy that it makes men, women and small children stop and gawk (Exactly what Pam used to do before Tommy Lee). From the S&S 124 engine with diamond cut, black powder coated heads and cylinders, to the chrome V handlebars and matching custom painted billet headlight to the show stopping all chrome frame, this bike has ‘tude to spare."

  • REUTERS: Harley-Davidson breaks ground on $70 million museum

    "MILWAUKEE, June 1 (Reuters) - Harley-Davidson Inc. (HDI.N: Quote, Profile, Research), the U.S. motorcycle maker, broke ground here on Thursday on a new museum that it hopes will become a shrine for its loyal riders -- and a place of conversion for a whole new generation of customers."

  • Bikes in the Fast Lane: Video: Harley-Davidson Commercial Ad

    Don´t miss this. Fun!

  • modernmechanix: Vintage Ads

    Harley Davidson Ad: Fore-wheel brake, Seeks 300 m.p.h. With Motorcycle Powered By Auto Engine and Happy Days are Here Again

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

  • Barnett's Magazine: Harley-Davidson's Street-Rod, Dreamcraft Studios, Billy Lane/Choppers, Inc. "Spooky",
    H&D Chopper Doctors: "Knuck-O-Lution"

    "Harley-Davidson's Street-Rod: A Couple of Degrees Here and There Can Make a Big Difference - Harley-Davidson Street RodWhen the first V-Rod came out four years ago, I loved the new motor and transmission. The bike was turbine smooth, the motor put out tons of real world, useable horsepower and the tranny shifted great. Now in their fourth year, I think most of the country has had the same experience we have had here in El Paso with these bikes: super high durability and pretty much zero trouble. I don’t think we’ve had a V-Rod motor apart for any reason and we’ve sold at least a hundred and fifty of them. The Motor Company hit a home run in both design and assembly with its Revolution motor."

    "Dreamcraft Studios of Ontario, CA, the industry's newest premier custom motorcycle design company, is excited to announce that it has entered into a unique agreement with Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, one of the world's largest and most prestigious gambling resorts attended by millions of visitors annually. The agreement appoints Caesars Palace as the exclusive U.S. dealership for Dreamcraft custom commissioned motorcycles."

  • DBBP.COM: Mike van Lierop's bobber

    "This supercool Early Shovel beauty started its life as one of the Rogues' bikes, and was recently given a makeover by my friend Ronnie Breuer of Iron Pit for the new owner Mike. The pinstriping was done by El Cheapo. At the Rogues Choppershow a few weeks ago it took first place, congratulations guys!"

  • Muscular Dystrophy Charity Chopper

    "The one-of-a-kind MDFF Chopper from Orange County Chopper roared to life and echoed throughout the streets of Indianapolis in it's official unveiling memorial Day weekend. The event marked the start of a summer-long campaign that will have the chopper crisscrossing the Midwest and beyond in a fundraiser to support thousands of families who receive assistance from the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation (MDFF). Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts were on hand to catch their first glimpse and to buy raffle tickets at the downtown Indianapolis Hyatt Friday through Sunday."

Brought to you by George from Bikes n Choppers.

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