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Spartan Sporty - FRC - Puta de Oro - LATE NIGHT RIDE - Bad Ass Mutant Buell

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  • Street Chopper: Spartan Sporty
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    "With all of the big-name bike builders out there who are willing to put together choppers, we sometimes forget how cheap and easy building a chopper really is. It isn't necessary to throw down $30,000 for a cool chop. A good example of this fact is Rich Nogueira's custom chopped Sporty. Rich had been into bikes for the majority of his life and always had a least one Harley in his garage at any given time. He had never been able to afford a new bike, but he still loved what he did have, even though they all had previous owners. Similar to most H-D enthusiasts, Rich went to local bike shows and often dreamt about owning a chopper whenever he drooled over the pages of his favorite custom bike magazines."

  • FRC - Puta de Oro
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    "This motorcycle was built for the 2006 el Diablo Run. It made the trip, won the show, came back home, and now it’s for sale. The trip was trouble free. The Puta de Oro is a one of a kind motorcycle. It will title as a Flyrite Chopper (easy finance and easier insurance). It has a 93 cu. in. S&S generator shovel with a Super E carburetor. Electrics are by Cycle Electric with a Morris magneto. Kick start only 4 speed transmission and a open primary (belt). Final drive is a 530 O-ring chain that spins a FRC SpeedLine Roket with DUAL rear calipers (polished)."

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    Turn Of The Key
    Flick Of A Switch
    Push Of A Button
    She Roars To Life

    Tighten My Gloves
    Drop Down My
    Orange Colored Shades
    I Look Ahead As
    The Headlight Shows Me
    The Way

    Burp The Throttle
    Pull In The Clutch
    Ease into First Gear
    Rock The Throttle
    As I Ease Out The Clutch

    Taking Her Slow And Easy
    I Head Down The Road
    As I Try To Avoid
    University's Pot Holes

    Turning On To 58
    I Give Her A Little Goose,
    Across A Patch Of Hidden Sand
    But She Didn’t Come Loose
    Out To Uncle Dales I Ride

    We Talk About Choppers,
    Rat Rods, And How
    Wallcott's Truck Show
    Is Coming Up Soon

    I Finish My Drink
    Then I'm On My Way
    Time To Head On Home
    And Put The Bike Away
    Until Tomorrow Brings
    Another Day

    -- Joshua Griffith" "

  • Bikernet: Bad Ass Mutant Buell
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    "Justin Schilling, of Two-Bit Choppers, recently completed this Buell conversion for a customer, Randy Carlson, out of Bend, Oregon. “Of course Bend is ground zero for BMC,” Justin said, “and Randy was actually good friends with many of Big Mike's crew, so buying a scoot from an out-of-town shop wasn't something to be taken lightly.” Randy however was looking to have something built that would slap the blacked-out Hooligan status quo in the face. A bike that could stand out in a crowd where stock Harleys are in the minority, and clean production customs are the norm."

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