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HERMISTON — When Roy Henry returned from Vietnam in 1971, he was shocked at the hostile reception he received.Now, he and some fellow veterans want to help others deal with their experiences in a much healthier way. They formed a local chapter of the Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Roy Henry and Roger Ford
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... Hey, y'all. This is a copy of an e-mail I sent a friend of mine ... that Harley-Davidson Sportsters sucked. He rides a Suzuki. My friend and I both ride Harley Sportsters ... Harley riders, even though, if you look at things logically, Harley riders are the ones who really could ...

Whatever Horses Writing Technorati this

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Article:: "Yaffe X-Pipes Available for Sportsters

Straight from the mind of master bike builder Paul Yaffe comes a new dose of custom style for '04 - '06 Sportster owners. SuperTrapp's Yaffe-designed X-Pipes are now available for Sportsters. X-Pipes are 2-inch straight through dramatic over-and-under shotgun-style drag pipes. They have three heat shields and come with removable baffles. They are available in chrome (MSRP $699, Part #138-71200), silver ceramic (MSRP $795, Part #138-71204) and black ceramic (MSRP $750, Part #138-71202).

'The Sportster is one of the hottest bikes on the market, but up until now there were not any name brand, designer pipes available to Sportster riders,' said SuperTrapp president Kevin Berger. 'The Yaffe designed X-Pipes are just what these riders are looking for in the custom style department.'"

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Flyritechoppers Gallery Update

Have a look at Flyritechoppers gallery, classical old style bikes. Bike Pictures here.

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Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show Tour

from Easyriders.

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RE: some more nothing

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Three-Two Choppers Dallas, TX Bike

Three-Two Choppers Dallas, TX: "We're just a couple of guys who love building motorcycles and we decided to take the chance and build what we wanted to see in a cool custom bike." This attitude can be attested to by several people who actually were allowed to sit on the bikes and check them out. How often do you go to a bike show and see people sitting on the custom bikes? It's not often, I can assure you. But it's important to show that these bikes are not only cool to look at, they're rideable as well.

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Hollister- The roar of rolling thunder may be dead in the birthplace of the American biker. The Hollister rally has been in existence since 1947, brings in more than 100,000 visitors each year over the July 4 weekend.

Image Hosted by


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OC Choppers gearing up for Christmas

Article: "OC Choppers gearing up for Christmas

By Alexa James
Times Herald-Record

Montgomery - Yes, Virginia, there is a Paul Teutul.

Just in time for the holidays - perhaps for the man who has everything - Orange County Choppers has introduced its signature fragrance line, 'Full Throttle.'"

It smells a lot like your high school boyfriend, less like the exhaust and meatball hero scents wafting around the OCC's Factory Street garage, which has become a tourist destination. The fragrance is available in national department stores, displayed alongside other celebrity scents by Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Lauren and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Discovery Channel reality series "American Chopper" is hot, and everyone wants a piece of the mass market machinery. It's a show about leatherneck welder Paul Teutul Sr., 57, and his oil-and-water sons, Paul Jr., 31, and Mikey, 27. They build custom choppers for a discriminating clientele, as well as for world-class organizations like NASA, the Yankees and Hooters. The show's high ratings have spawned no less than 60 licensing agreements.

Sure, someday those ratings will falter. That's precisely why the rowdy family from the Village of Montgomery is working to establish OCC as a brand that can survive without a hit show. "It's better to evolve than it is to go backward," said Joseph Puliafico, head of licensing at OCC. "We're moving away from the entertainment and moving into the lifestyle brand."

Baby brother Mikey has created a run of "Mikey for President" merchandise. Shirts, buttons and bumper stickers are all packaged in autographed metal lunch boxes. He's running as an Independent. "My platform is the people need to know," he said. "And my opponent is full of beep.'"

The Teutuls admit that the idea of OCC hot sauce, baby clothes and slippers is surreal, but the public buys into it.

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Article: "'American Choppers' crew rolling down to new headquarters

(Newburgh, NY - AP) — The boys at 'American Choppers' are revving up for a move to a new headquarters.

The stars of the Discover Channel show — Paul Senior, Paulie and Mikey Teutel — are consolidating their Orange County Choppers garage and retail store into one location to be built in the Town of Newburgh next year.

The new facility will include a retail store, garage with public viewing area, film-shooting facility and corporate offices.

The current garage where the show is filmed is located in the neighboring town of Montgomery.

Orange County Choppers hopes to double their staff to about 120 workers by the time the new headquarters is in operation."

News From DEMOs World - Biker Blog

This blog is directed towards the posting of Biker related news and events of Bad Cop news ...Check out DEMOs World

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Wooley's Rant

Wooley's Rant Essay: "Hardley-Davidson's seem to be coming from everywhere these days. Bike builders are just popping up all over trying to cash in on the phenomenon of the motorcycle craze.

I can't help but notice the ones that have prices so high that only a rich dude could afford. This drives prices up on the others as well. A bunch of these rides, are looking like cookie cutters, and you see them for sale used at inflated prices with only a few hundred miles on them at best." read more ...

"O" School Choppers from Sin City

If you like old style, have a look at

Fabrication of down to earth..... no bullshit..... CHOPPERS and BOBBERS.

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These pages have a lot of pictures from great bikes! Follow the link to 2005 World Championship and behind the points follwoing the >> sign you find pictures of the bikes! Just a few examples:

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Article: "Ducati UK Pledges Custom Support
Courtesy of Ducati

Ducati UK Ltd is pleased to announce their association with respected custom motorcycle creator Roger Allmond.

Roger, who has many years experience working in the custom motorcycle world, approached Ducati UK in the Autumn of 2004 with a unique project plan, that will see the creation of a machine based around Ducati's legendary 996 Superbike engine.

Working from his purpose built workshop in Oxfordshire, Roger commented, 'I have a lot of experience working with traditional custom based machines, but for me as a design engineer, the Ducati twin cylinder engine has always been special and posed a really unique challenge. Thanks to Ducati UK, I've been given the chance to show my potential and produce this bespoke custom bike'."

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Fred Krugger and Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak together joined in an interesting project. A bike designed with a CAD system was built by Fred Krugger.

Fred Krugger, famous for his bikes (see his gallery) "Krugger motorcycles designs and builds exclusive one-off bikes, old school or modern style, for privateers and bike professionals R&D for bike professionals" brought this one on the road:

image hosting by

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Beautiful Loser Bike - Salinas Boys Customs

Beautiful Loser Bike from Salinas Boys Customs did not win the "Great Biker Build-Off" ... but it´s really worth a look! Bike was featured in Easy Riders.

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Ron Simms Death Trap - Picture story

See how Ron Simms built the Death Trap. 32 pics make the story. Follow link "Death Trap".

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At Exile Cycles we have a dream... We want to expose the American people to clean, tough European styling - whether they like it or not! If the conversation turns to tasteful chops, we want our name to be mentioned. When such a project is being contemplated and sanitary parts are needed, we want this catalog to be consulted. We want to play a part in reversing the current trend towards the fancy, frivolous and ridiculous.

Exile Cycles is a company built on passion, and building bikes fulfills that passion. We are only interested in building machines that we will be proud of - it goes way beyond the money. Although only a few such machines are created each year, they have been commissioned from three continents to date. Our customers share our taste for business-like, hardcore customs. That's why they contact us in the first place. If you want an ugly bike, you know who to call. Not us!

In recent years we have been asked to repeat a particular theme several times. Although we love this "Germanic" style, there is far more to us than just that. How about a super-clean Swedish chopper? An all aluminum drag-styled streetfighter? Maybe a flat black "Mad Max" survival bike?

Search this site about Exile Cycles.

See a shot of pictures in Harley Pics from Garry Stuart. Read an article in VTwinPlus here. Another articel in

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Big Bear Grizzly

Big Bear Grizzly: "Big dogs in the chopper business


Wednesday, December 21, 2005 11:51 AM PST
Big Bear Choppers' Kevin Alsop keeps ahead of the game in the custom-built chopper industry. The company's bikes will pass stringent 2006 Environmental Protection Act regulations. (Photos courtesy of Big Bear Choppers)

Kevin Alsop follows his instincts. Not only has the owner of Big Bear Choppers turned a one-man operation into a multi-million dollar company, he's now joining the big dogs. Literally."

Building a ride to the big time

Article: "Building a ride to the big time
Dec 22, 2005, 01:58 AM

You know the old saying? It's like riding a bike: once you learn, you never forget. Ask one valley man, he'll tell you, building a bike isn't that easy. It began in a small auto-detail garage in Rogersville. It's growing into something far bigger as the Heart of the Valley makes it's mark in Hollywood.

It starts from scratch, with wet paint, just a frame, and the tedium that follows."

Saxon Black Crown

Saxon Black Crown: "Black Crown Invasion - Saxon Raises the Bar

By Toph Bocchiaro
Photography: Toph Bocchiaro

Roadhouses speckle the landscape of America's byways -- traditionally serving up sustenance to the men who built this great country. From railroaders to miners, ranchers, cowboys, and oilmen, the stools and walls of these establishments speak to the souls of the hard working, the downtrodden, the weary. Men dirty from a hard day's work, men on the run from the law, men wanting to get away from their thoughts, if only for a brief moment, could find a meal, a shot of whisky, and a sympathetic proprietor who's seen and heard it all."

Article - Yahoo! Finance: "Harley Davidson Recalls Some Motorcycles
Wednesday December 21, 10:43 am ET
Harley Davidson Recalls More Than 500 Motorcycles in Japan

TOKYO (AP) -- Harley-Davidson Japan is recalling a total of 512 motorcycles covering six models due to transmission problems, the Japanese Transport Ministry said Wednesday.

The Japanese subsidiary of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based motorcycle manufacturer notified the ministry that it was recalling the six models -- including FXDLI Dyna Low Rider, FXDGI Dyna Wide Glide and FXDCI Dyna Super Glide Custom -- all imported to Japan in August-October, the ministry said in a statement posted on its official Web site.

A defective transmission could make a bike suddenly shift from neutral to first or second gear, the ministry said.

Company officials could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday evening."

Article: "Ford, Harley-Davidson go hog wild

F-150 SuperCab collaboration with the motorcycle company makes perfect fit

2006 Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCab

The 2006 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCab is the seventh model to come out of the 1999 alliance between the two brands -- and it likely will hit the right note with the crowd that suits up in black leather and heads to the Black Hills for the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally."

RE: The Cycle Source Magazine

Check out one of our favorite mag's the Cycle Source. This is a grass roots motorcycle publication and covers all the great stuff we love in motorcycling. Chris is an awesome dude who supports us and everything about motorcyling. Check out the site and subscribe online.. ~Liberte

[Via Biker Chicks]

NEWS : Harley's '06 Models Revving Sales

Harley's '06 Models Revving Sales

But dealers in 5 states showing mixed results

An expanded 2006 touring bike lineup is driving sales at Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships, but not every dealer is running in the fast lane.

Visits to 20 Harley dealerships in five states left varied impressions on Robert W. Baird & Co. analysts, according to a Baird report released Monday.


From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Rick Barrett


The North Shore News Online - Work

The North Shore News Online - Work: "Nasty boys

Tyler Hopson

Troy Teather is the nastiest boy in town and he’s proud of it too — when it comes to motorcycles, that is.

The North Vancouver resident and businessman opened the North Shore’s only Chopper motorcycle store in May of this year. And so far he says the ride is smooth and sunny."


For more information visit North Shore Chopper.

Desert sidecar madness

Eurosport - Motorsports - Rally Raid - Live and Results.All stages. - Dakar 2006: "Desert sidecar madness

The Dakar Rally is often a breeding ground for unique engineering ideas, inspired inventors and the downright insane, but after the attempts of a Rolls Royce, a four-wheel drive Jaguar and a Citroen 2CV to complete the 9,000km challenge, the next ludicrous attempt is by a Harley-Davidson sidecar!"


Matt Myerson

Beverly Hills Choppers unveils $250,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted “Paris Hilton Bike”

Midi-Chopper pioneers, Beverly Hills Choppers, complete what is perhaps the most incredible custom motorcycle ever made for hotel heiress who helped make the bikes famous.

Beset with more than 100,000 Swarovski crystals, Beverly Hills Choppers announces the completion of the most unbelievable custom chopper ever fabricated. After 6 months of fabrication and embellished with countless crystals by hand, the bike was finally given to the pop icon and self proclaimed “original Beverly Hills Angel,” Paris Hilton. This bike has been so anticipated by the press, that the paparazzi have stopped at nothing to try and get a picture of the bike before it’s unveiling. One resourceful picture bandit climbed five stories to the top of co-founder and alleged mafia figure, Johnny Lew Fratto’s, penthouse apartment in Beverly Hills where the bike was being stored. Caught red handed unwrapping the finished midi from its protective plastic covering, he was thrown out before he could get the “money shot.” The bike was promptly moved to an undisclosed and secure indoor location."

GTR Newspapers:There’s Just Something About a Harley…

GTR Newspapers:There’s Just Something About a Harley…: "There’s Just Something About a Harley…
By NANCY K. OWENS Associate Editor

What images come to mind when you hear the words “Harley Davidson?” The adventure of the open road? Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider?” Hell’s Angels? The word “hog?” Often, rather than picturing the robust piece of chrome and power itself, the words Harley Davidson conjure up images of freedom and adventurous feelings.

For 102 years, the Harley Davidson motorcycle, with its singular purring roar, has inspired people from all walks of life to “embrace the thrill of the great unknown” as it is described on"

RE: Zeel Design Chopper

Zeel Design - Winner of the 1st Rats Hole Best of Show" award at the 2005 Daytona Bike Week

- Winner of the 2005 Canadian Biker Build Off

- Participant in the 2006 International Biker Build Off held in Daytona
- One of three bikes chosen to represent the Rat's Hole show in Essen, Germany in 2005
- Special guest with Arlen Ness at the 2005 Birmingham Motorcycle show

[Submitted by Eric V.]


[Via Bonez]

Las Vegas Bike Fest - The Stealth Rally -

Las Vegas Bike Fest - The Stealth Rally - "Las Vegas Bike Fest - The Stealth Rally
Story and Photos by Billy Bartels

Las Vegas Bike Fest is like many other bike events in their infancy. Needing to pull a profit right from the beginning, numerous events are planned so that you need to pay a registration fee to get in to. In the end the mob always rules and the competition will eventually start using the crowd drawn by your pay-only event and siphon off the paying customers with 'free' events nearby at the same time, fuelled by alcohol sales and other peripheral income streams."

New H-D Sportster 1200L - "New H-D Sportster 1200L
By Bart Madson

Harley-Davidson has announced a new addition to its 2006 Sportster line with the release of the XL Sportster 1200L. We already reported our first impressions of H-D's 2006 lineup when Duke jetted out to Denver and attended the new-model press launch. One of the most notable changes was the makeover of the Dyna Glide models, but we also mentioned that the Sportsters (which received a wholesale makeover in '05) received a few changes of their own, which included an improved transmission and clutch. The 1200L joins its siblings in the Sportster lineup, incorporating all of those aforementioned improvements along with a lower seat height and handlebar grips that have been pulled back one inch closer to the rider."

Goldammer Wins AMD Pro Show - "Goldammer Wins AMD Pro Show
Courtesy of

Roger Goldammer of Goldammer Cycle Works, Canada, returned to the 2005 American Motorcycle Dealer magazine (AMD) Pro Show World Championship of Custom Bike Building held this year at the Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center in Las Vegas to claim the coveted World Championship Builder title for the 2nd time in the Show's 2 year history. The entry list for the Championship featured 152 bikes from many of the top builders from around the world, making this the biggest pro caliber custom bike contest ever held."

2005 Boss Hoss - Quick Ride - "2005 Boss Hoss - Quick Ride
By Peter Jones
See the USA With a Chevrolet... Between Your Knees!
Apple pie? Yeah, it's a flavorful dessert. But it crumbles badly whenever it's waved around as representing what America is all about. So what icon truly, fully, proudly represents our nation? Did you have to ask?

The V-8 engine.

No pie, no atomic bomb, hotdog, hamburger, airplane, automatic washing machine, no nothing defines who we are as a nation of imperialist cowboy, gun-toting, religious refugees as powerfully as the V-8 engine."

2006 Harley-Davidson Destroyer - Quick Ride - "2006 Harley-Davidson Destroyer - Quick Ride
By Kevin Duke

After the obligatory smoke-belching burnout, I roll slowly toward the dragstrip starting line with a peculiar type of nervousness that I suppose comes only when about to perform a full-throttle launch on what is the quickest accelerating production vehicle the world has ever seen."

Cory Ness - Interview - "Cory Ness - Interview
Words and Photos by: Billy Bartels

Son of a legend writes his own
Arlen Ness casts a pretty big shadow across the custom motorcycle world. Back when I was first getting in to motorcycles, when Jesse James was just Madonna's bodyguard and Harleymania didn't extend much beyond the West Coast, there was only one bike builder that everyone knew: Arlen Ness."

Harley-Davidson - First Rides

Harley-Davidson announced the addition of four new models during their 2005 dealer show in San Diego. Sure, they're not exactly all-new, but they do fill several new sub-niches in the American cruiser marketplace.

"I am excited about things," said Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson director of marketing, motorcycle product development, at H-D's annual dealer show. "I'm thrilled to tell you the response from dealers (to the new models) has been excellent. We're in a very exciting time." read more from Motorcycle USA

Motorcycles have personality — and not just the Hollywood image of a loud, throbbing machine.

Take a closer look, and you'll find out riders love to golf, go to casinos and display great family pride. All of this shows up on their bikes.

Because it's difficult to ogle the details of particularly artful specimens as they whiz by on the highway, the Sioux City Art Center has halted a number of them for public display in "Bikes: Motorcycles as Personal Expression," on view through March 5. read more

Speed Street Custom Builds found quite a starting point for its new motorcycle business.

Led by President Bob Miller and General Manager Doug Niles, the Galesburg business unveiled the second Sept. 11 tribute bike for America's 9/11 Foundation Thursday. The bike, the first built by the new business, will be raffled Aug. 19, 2006, in conjunction with the foundation's fifth annual "Never Forget" ride. Proceeds from the raffle go to the foundation's education fund and scholarships are provided to children of active police, fire and rescue units across the country.

Niles had a hand in the first Sept. 11-themed bike, but in a completely different capacity. He was employed by the company that built the first tribute motorcycle, Mid-West Choppers, which filed bankruptcy in October. Ted Sjurseth, founder of America's 9/11 Foundation, commissioned a second bike with Mid-West Choppers and sent $30,000 to the company just prior to the bankruptcy.


visit Speed Street Custombuilds

NEWS : Investors and the Art of Motorcycle Business

Investors and the Art of Motorcycle Business

The gas-engine motorcycle was invented in Germany in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler. Fast-forward to 1903, here in America. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson -- just 21 and 20 years old, respectively -- broke all the rules in a wooden shed with "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" scribbled across the door. They were hooking up a motor to a bicycle -- and writing a page in U.S. history. The first Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HDI) dealer was formed in Chicago, when C.H. Lang sold one of the first Harley-Davidson motorcycles ever made. In 1909, Harley-Davidson introduced the first V-Twin engine, which produced that deafening growl that many of us associate with motorcycles.

The famous -- or, at times, infamous -- Bar & Shield Harley-Davidson logo showed up for the first time in 1910, and it was definitely not hand-drawn this time around. It was patented a year later, and thus one of the most lasting brands in U.S. history was born. In the beginning years, almost half of the motorcycles cranked out by Harley-Davidson were sold to the military, which shows what a technological innovation they were at the time.

From the Motley Fool


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