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Harley 2007 - Assholes - Twisted Choppers - Glasster Panhead

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  • AMA: Harley 2007
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    "Harley introduces new engine and six-speed for 2007 Big Twins; carbs are history as full line gets fuel injection. With its competitors' cruisers getting bigger and bigger in displacement, Harley-Davidson is adding more cubic inches and another cog in the gearbox to its Big Twin models for 2007." Get details on all the new models at the Harley-Davidson website.

  • Found on Flickr: Assholes
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  • Motorcycle-USA: Twisted Choppers
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    "One visit to the Twisted Choppers website and you know what these guys are all about. After clicking past the rotating image on the intro page, you are greeted by gritty images of mechanical motorcycle components and provocatively posed models, contrasting sharply with a slick and well designed site. Then the speedmetal audio soundtrack kicks in. Twisted is not a shop, it's a lifestyle."

  • Bikernet: Glasster Panhead
    "This wild chunk of functional motorcycle art was recently featured in Hot Bike Magazine. How could anyone pass up a motorcycle with glass gas and oil tanks, velocity stacks and rocker boxes? It’s a strange mixture of old, new, odd, artistic and yet practical. Check the bare metal seat with a Ford leaf spring for adjustable rear suspension, seat height and protection for the iron incased glass oil bag."

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