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Von Dutch Speedball - Huze Fireman Tribute Bobber - Biker Build-Off Behind the Scenes - Kendall Johnson

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  • Von Dutch Speedball
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    Free Image Hosting at
    "At this point, July, 2006, Von Dutch just came on board Bikernet and we’ve looked forward to featuring one of their bikes. I may be somewhat off track in some eyes, but I see this as a high compliment. When I look at Von Dutch production bikes I see the design and detail levels of Cyril Huze. Every Von Dutch bike I’ve seen has those extra details accenting the style or character of the machine."

  • Cyril Huze Fireman Tribute Bobber
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    "Here’s what Cyril wrote, “Do you remember the surge of adrenalin we all felt as kids when a big red fire engine roared down the street, sporting delicious red paint, sparkling gold leaf and screaming sirens. Daily, firemen experience high speed dashes to roaring flames. The business of firefighting is steeped in high adventure, danger & heroism. The bike was built by Cyril Huze to benefit the IAFF (International Association Of Firefighters) Burn Foundation. We'll bring you more info on the auction as it nears. "

  • Biker Build-Off Behind the Scenes
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    "What was up with all this aggressive equipment in contest to be decided on looks? Word came down that this Biker Build-Off was going to be special. For one thing, the builders had only 10 days to complete the bikes. Most importantly, instead of the usual popularity contest, this one was to be decided on the ground with stopwatches and skill. These beautiful handbuilt machines would be road raced, drag raced and flat tracked, with the winner of the best two-out-of-three to be crowned the victor."

  • WhiteLine: Kendall Johnson
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    "Kendall Johnson is well known in the motorcycle industry. That is truly an understatement. For many years now, if you talk to builders and "people in the know" about high performance, chances are Kendall's name will come up. Many will tell you of Kendall's drag racing history and extol the virtues of his performance built engines because of that experience. The man likes to go fast. In fact the only thing slow about Kendall Johnson, is his southern drawl!"

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